Automotive Industry Analysis & Worldwide Forecast 2020-21

Contributing approximately 4% to global GDP, Automotive sector has immense importance in manufacturing sector. By 2020, the OEMs were expected to rise their profit by 50% but the global impact of Covid-19 has changed the entire scenario where OEMs need to adapt according to regional supply and demand of automotive products. Regional supply chains will now be more prominent to full fill the consumer needs within short time span. The Global growing trend towards Electric and autonomous vehicles has opened many venture opportunities in this pandemic situation to overcome financial crisis. With Diverging markets, Consumer preferences and changing industry landscape, get the latest statistics of Automotive industry worldwide with forecast analysis which will help you to step ahead in your business. Also, be familiar with new automotive innovations and how your competitors are progressing. Crescendo Worldwide is associated with 22+ foreign governments so get the access of government data efficiently and gear up the growth wheel.

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Global Automotive Analysis 2020-21

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Automotive Industry Overview

  • Global automobile production in 2019 – 92 MN Vehicles
  • Global automotive industry turnover - $2 Trillion
  • Expected CAGR by 2028 – 20.78%
  • Global leader of commercial vehicle production – Greater China (5.3 MN Vehicles)
  • Global agricultural vehicle market size in 2019 - $95.6 BN | $118.2 BN by 2026 | CAGR of 3.6%
  • Cars sold globally – 75 MN Units.
  • R&D Investment – $100.39 BN
  • Global revenue contribution to government – $507.78 BN (by 26 countries)
  • 1.Global Automotive Market Overview
  • 1.1 Present scenario
  • 1.2 Regionwise market potential
  • 1.3 World’s car production
  • 1.4 Region wise distribution
  • 1.5 Market segmentation
  • 1.5.1 Passenger cars
  • Key players
  • 1.5.2 Commercial cars
  • Key players
  • 2. Europe Automotive Market Potential
  • 2.1 Europe automotive market
  • 2.2 Importance of automotive industry
  • 2.3 Key Factors
  • 2.4 Figures of EU automobile industry
  • 2.5 Europe economic overview
  • 2.6 Research and development
  • 2.7 Patents granted in the automotive sector
  • 2.8 Commercial cars
  • 2.9 Passenger cars
  • 2.10 Market uptake of alternatively-powered cars
  • 2.11 Automotive aftermarket
  • 2.12 Import-export of Europe
  • 3. USA Automotive Market Potential
  • 3.1 USA economics overview
  • 3.2 Facts of automotive industry
  • 3.3 Key figure of USA market
  • 3.4 FDI investment in USA
  • 3.5 Research and Development in Automotive
  • 3.6 Import and export of USA in automotive
  • 4.Asia Pacific Automotive Market Potential
  • 4.1 Automotive industry in Asia Pacific
  • 4.2 Top manufactures
  • 4.3 China Automotive industry
    • 4.3.1 Facts and Figures About china automotive industry
  • 4.4 Japan Automotive Industry
  • 4.4.1 Automotive Industry in Japan - Statistics & Facts
  • 4.4.2 Important key figures
  • 4.5 Automotive Industry of South Korea
  • 4.5.1 Important key figures
  • 4.6 India Automotive Industry
  • 4.6.1 Important key figures
  • 4.6.2 Automobile Production Trends in India
  • 5.Speed of Innovation
  • 5.1 New technology
  • 5.2 Industry 4.0 in automotive industry
  • 5.3 New models in Automotive industry
  • 5.4 Upcoming technology and projects
  • 5.5 Vehicle emission standards
  • 5.6 Auto industry and environment
  • 6. COVID-19 Effect on Global Auto Industry
  • 6.1 Effect on automotive industry
  • 6.2 Challenges in industry
  • 6.3 Recovery Plans
    • 1. Global Vehicle Sales Medium Term Forecast
    • 2. World New Motor Vehicle Registration
    • 3. World Motor Vehicle Production
    • 4. Global Automotive Market Share 2018, By Brand
    • 5. World New Motor Vehicle Registrations
    • 6. World’s Passengers Car Production By Share
    • 7. Passenger Car Sales
    • 8. World Commercial Vehicle Production
    • 9. Global Automotive Engine Market Size
    • 10. Automotive Engine Market Forecast 2019-2023
    • 11.Import And Export For Transportation

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    Covid-19 Impact on Automotive Plants

    Global Vehicle Sales Medium Term Forecast

    Global Automotive Market Share by Brand

    World Motor Vehicle Production

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    FAQ's About Automotive Industry Analysis

    • What is the present position of automobile industry in the world?

      Automotive industry is one of the pillars of world economy. The turn over of industry is greater than usd 4 trn with approximately 4% contribution to world’s gdp. Asia is the largest vehicle manufacturing continent. In 2019, almost 92 million motor vehicles were produced worldwide. Global automotive industry will grow to $ 9 trn by 2030

    • Automobile Industry is Capital Intensive & Knowledge Intensive Industry which plays an important role in the country’s socio-economic development. Automobile Industry helps in development of modern economy. The number of vehicles manufactured and exported defines the infrastructure capabilities of the nation. Asia is the largest manufacturer of Vehicles.

    • Automobile Industry Include:
      1. All companies and activities involved in Manufacturing of Vehicles
      2. Mainly Manufacturing of Auto Components
      3. All Exterior and Interior Accessories

    • Mainly Automotive Industry work through supply chain. The main players of Automotive industry are:
      2. Tier1 Companies
      3. Tier2 Companies
      Mainly OEMs need Auto components which can be fulfilled by automotive tier1 Companies. Tier 1 Companies manufactures parts/assemblies which can be directly handed over to OEMs. In some cases, OEMs can also demand certain assemblies from tier2 companies but, generally tier2 companies are well connected with tier1 companies. Tier2 companies provides raw materials/assemblies/minor parts to tier1 companies.

    • The average annual turnover of automotive industry in USD 2.80 TRN.
      Number of Automotive Related Businesses worldwide: 594,980

    • Automotive Industry has considerable growth from last decade. Living standard and new inventions in vehicles has opened many new untapped markets like Middle east, Africa & Latin America. The large production volume created many jobs and opportunities for small OEMs and Auto Component suppliers. Automotive industry recently affected by corona situations in second half of 2019

    • Covid 19 has considerable impact on auto industry worldwide. Since china is the biggest auto component supplier to the world, the closure of businesses in China has large impact on OEMs & Auto Component Manufacturers. Now OEMs & Auto Component suppliers are regaining the original position by developing regional/local supply chains within the regional boundaries. OEMs, Component Manufacturers & Auto Assemblers are looking to Source Regionally within their Borders and setting up regional logistic hubs. It is estimated that Auto Industry will regain in Mid of 2021.

    • 1.Fundamentally Rethinking of Supply Chain:
      Supply Chain Models Needs to be reconfigured based on business optimization. The global Business model should have some modifications towards regional business model and development of regional supply chain which will be of more resilient and value addition parameter.

      2. Strategic Partnerships & Alliances:
      Auto Makers shifting their focus to Electric & Autonomous Vehicles needs large amount of Investments which is hard to achieve in this course of strategic Partnerships, M&A, Alliances are more relevant and urgent to Sustain in competitive landscape.

      3. New Features & Technologies:
      In adapting to the post COVID-19 world, several consumers will look for better health, hygiene and sanitation features in their vehicles. Certain features like in-built sanitisation, enhanced air-purification systems and anti-bacterial surfaces may see a spike in demand. Consumers are likely to lean towards cars that offer such features and might even be willing to pay extra for their own physical and mental wellbeing. Companies that incorporate such innovation while staying cost-effective will likely have the upper hand in terms of sales.

      4. Consumer Preference:
      The pandemic has brought about marked changes in consumer habits and behaviours. There is Gradual shift from Shared mobility to Personal Mobility, which could boost sale of auto component manufacturer. Small Auto OEMs are having many opportunities after pandemic effect

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