Ronak Shah

Country Expert

Norway In 2018 Norway was the number 27 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$). Norway has a stable economy with a vibrant private sector, a large state sector, and an extensive social safety net. The country is richly endowed with natural resources such as oil and gas, fish, forests, and minerals. Norway is a leading producer and the world’s second largest exporter of seafood, after China.
The government manages the country’s petroleum resources through extensive regulation. The petroleum sector provides about 9% of jobs, 12% of GDP, 13% of the state’s revenue, and 37% of exports, according to official national estimates.
In 2018 Norway imported a total of $89.5B, making it the number 40th trade destination in the world.
In 2018 Norway exported a total of $127B, making it the number 33rd exporter in the world.
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nor fishing
Nor Fishing

Date : 21-08 Aug 2020.
Place : Trondheim, Norway.

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Oslo Design Fair

Date : 28-08 Aug 2020.
Place : Lillestrøm, Norway.