Business Operation Implementation

Business Growth and Acceleration

We are expertise in designing the optimum Business Acceleration Strategy and Execution with our sector specific Market Experts. Hundreds of companies globally have been benefited with our Business Growth and Acceleration Service. It includes Accelerate, Upskilling, Reskilling, Down skilling, Distribution, Ventures, Greenfield, Brown Field, Export, Warehouse and logistics, M&A
The Business Growth Strategy is determine analyzing your product, market penetration, growth ratio, Financial capabilities, technology implementation etc.
Distribution Partnership

Greenfield investment is not the only way of Expansion, there can be various other and often more suitable ways to enter or strengthen your position in a new and existing market.
We will introduce your company to potential partners in your target markets, identify sales leads, and set up organize meetings, assist in terms and condition negotiation etc.
Identify the right sales channels
Introduce your company, product to potential partners and clients in the target markets
Arrange business meetings with potential sales partners and clients in the market
Make all the practical arrangements for an excellent visit and assist in the visit
Assist in making contract Agreements to ensure long term relationship
Ongoing support throughout the business relationship between the two parties

Before even identifying the location and customers for Export, Experts advice and research report is generated by Crescendo team on your Product feasibility, Market study, Product Quality and Technology, Competition and Price etc.
Working on Prerequisites for International Business & Exports like websites, Product catalogs, Brochures, Standard Price list etc
Introduce your company, product to potential partners and clients in the target markets
Design Export Strategy Which Includes a longer-term plan for developing export.
Identify potential buyers for your products and services
Generate Buying Leads and RFQs (Request for Quotation)
Submission of Right Offer and Generating Purchase Order
Receiving the Payment Disbursement from Buyers
Two-way Production Updates
Export Documentation and Transit Support
Assist in making contract Agreements and Legal assistance to ensure long term relationship
Ongoing support throughout the business relationship between the two parties
Joint Ventures

The important strategic decision of forming a Joint Venture includes business expansion, development of new products or moving into new markets, particularly overseas.
Your business may have strong potential for growth and you may have innovative ideas and products. However, a joint venture benefits any company with:
Advance & More Resources
Greater capacities in Manufacturing
Advance Technology
Increased Productivity
Entering into a Joint Venture is a major decision for any company. Crescendo Worldwide is have specialized dedicated team with vast industrial experience and equipped to consult, assist and help companies in executing the Joint Venture.
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Green Field Investment

Working with various Economic Development Organizations gives us authentic information of markets for Evaluation of new Market. Selection of right market location and development on Expansion strategy become easy. We do Selection of the best location for greenfield investments of all types like setting up manufacturing unit, services, Warehouse & logistics, R&D or Head office). Our Role just does not end here, we handhold competitor analysis, identifying and developing customers, establishing potential supplier, regulatory environment assessment.
Explore Further:
Entry Strategy
Challenges and risks associated with different entry options
Evaluation of the regulatory environment, tax and other government incentives
Practicability study and location analysis
Comparatives study of taxes and other facilities with different location
Due diligence includes financial, tax, commercial, operational, legal, forensics and HR operations analysis.
Incentive schemes Negotiations and other offerings
Study and report on Supplier and Customer Development
Formation and Operation
Assistance in the documentation for formation of company
Operations transformation includes optimization of supply chain and logistics. We can further help you in achieving procurement excellence, manufacturing excellence, sales and marketing excellence. We also assist in transformation programmers and operations architecture design and implementation.
Work on competitor analysis, identifying and developing customers, Product positioning, Brand Building, Sales and marketing promotion, establishing potential supplier, regulatory environment assessment.
Brownfield Investment

Consulting is provided to companies for Greenfield v/s Brownfield Investments by making details study of the company goals, capabilities, resources, finance etc. Brownfield investments are highly considered against greenfield investments because they allow to utmost utilize the existing resources, ecosystem, customer base. They often require less time to routinise the business.
Having said so, Crescendo Team critically analysis the client’s products, operational and manufacturing process before advising on Greenfield or Bromfield Investment and strategy for the
Market research projects support companies with specific market insights vital for their strategic decision making and strategy.
We will prepare a feasibility study, market research, competitor analysis and positioning
Assess the legal and environmental aspects of your investment
Support by introducing you right local agencies, diplomats, government bodies at every stage of investment for obtaining the necessary permits and approval
Facilitate with important insisting customer meetings and suppliers in order to start the operations.
Work on identifying new market location for sales and start building the new customer base
Brand Building, Sales and marketing promotion, establishing potential supplier, regulatory environment assessment.
Mergers and Acquisitions

Crescendo Expert team partner client for success of their M&A activity. With expert experience and knowledge of the Industry and market for many decades Crescendo team help client with a M &A road map to accelerate the progress towards strategic growth. The M&A road map is determined by deep understanding of Industry, economies and value chain. We work accordingly
M&A Strategy & Due Diligence
Integration & Execution
Post M&A Consulting on Integration