Marketing And Sales

The marketing and sales attributes are changing rapidly. Digital & Social platforms along with mobile integrated technologies are playing substantial role in designing Marketing Strategy for companies’ promotion.
To develop right marketing strategy, Crescendo Team does thorough study of data, market, product, customer nature & segment, customer preferences and competitors positioning in the market. Our Marketing and Sales strategy aims at right market positioning, enhancing customer base, widespread reach and visibility to target customers.
Marketing And Sales process
There is a huge paradigm shift from analog to digital. More and more people and organization are consuming all kinds of information online hence designing digital marketing strategy to reach right audience is important.
Our expert team while designing the strategy focuses on meeting clients customers, suppliers, stakeholders etc , where they are already spending money and time. We integrate Digital strategy with your marketing strategy. Our Digital Marketing team has a rich experience of many decades in Research, digital analytics, digital new tools and technologies.
Developing and Positioning the Brand is the key elements of Brand Strategy, this will help to target the customer segment easily, also improve alignment with customers and distribution channels. Crescendo experts work on updating the brand strategy by making it agile for changing customer preferences, competition in the market, brand performance against competitors. Crescendo team evaluates the Brand strategy against results and periodically re-evaluate the desired market position.
We work on studying customer dynamic needs, for gauging customer satisfaction areas and build strategy for sustaining the customers. This will help to improve client’s ability to serve targeted different customer segments with high return on investment.
We help companies to increase and sustain profitability by building competences for best pricing and optimise it. Before advising on pricing strategy Our team focus on customers pricing experience, market conditions and the competitive environment. Our advice on pricing is also dynamic depending upon time, place, channel and customer behaviour. We help you develop strategies for different types of pricing — including pricing to retailers, pricing into channels and industrial pricing.
Our team is fully equipped with complete knowledge and skills and assets to work with you in designing the pricing strategy.