Procurement Consulting

Procurement Consulting

Supplier Development and Management has remained to be the most vital stage of any Business. Though the significance has not changed but the methods of identifying, verifying, operating, managing the suppliers for procurement has evolved over a period of time and changed its shape in the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)
Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, and machine learning are just a few of the technology advances that are transforming the way businesses operate. Manufacturers has to understand the operation of these technologies and selection of new capabilities suppliers is critical for a business as it considers its broader strategic choices and weighs future investment decisions.
Crescendo Worldwide supports the business, OEMs, Tier one Suppliers to identify these new capabilities suppliers for procurement with its International Partners worldwide located and International apex Government Trade agencies.
Crescendo Worldwide supports the business, OEMs, Tier one Suppliers to identify these new capabilities suppliers for procurement with its International Partners worldwide located and International apex Government Trade agencies.
We have a proven procedure for Strategic Sourcing and Procurement practice. With our expert team, skills and industry experience we focus on cost by identifying saving opportunities and improving the bottom line for client.
The central tasks of Crescendo Worldwide is to ensure the highest quality, flexibility, and cost efficiency of their supplier networks. Intense price competition in all markets that makes procurement essential for competitiveness.
Key Points

Client Demand Study
Market Analysis Report
Supplier Research Report
Supplier Audit
Cost Efficiency Strategy
Quantity and Quality
Certification Analysis
Sample Exchange and Testing
Plant Visit
1st Batch Purchase Order
Delivery Management and Support
Supplier – Manufacture Relationship

Strategic Sourcing
Sourcing has significant and direct impact on bottom-line performance. Hence, Strategic sourcing is a key for increase the value in the organization. Crescendo Team has supports more than 100 companies for designing and execution strategic sourcing and has successfully helped save Money for the companies.
Our Expertise lie in;
– 22 countries global Presence with local connectivity
– Market Research, Analysis
– Increasing Cross sectors supplier database globally
– Proven processes for strategic sourcing
Our Strategic Sourcing Process
– Learning Sourcing Pattern of the Organization:
We Study the spend area and pattern of spending and its degree of importance in the organization. It helps to Categorize and prioritize the sourcing activities for each spend area
Supplier Market Analysis:
The analyse the supplier profiles. Which includes External audit on attributes like the market share of suppliers to understand their market standing and industrial performance along with the risks and opportunities surrounding the supplier market.
Request for Supplier Information as a Selection Criteria:
On behalf of the client or directly through the client we request suppliers information like RFIs/RFPs/RFQs. While doing so, detail information of exact requirement and expectations are also shared to the suppliers which helps to receive data on the pricing structure, delivery and warranty provisions, product/service specifications etc . this information will derive correct roadmap and develop strategies to attend client objectives.
– Selection of Suppliers and Execution of Contracting Process We rightly assist in choosing suppliers that can offer the highest level of cost savings along with delivering quality.
– Measurement and Periodic Tracking of Supplier Performance
Our team periodically review Suppliers performance and at the same time get clients feedback on suppliers and the same is provided to supplier for further improvement.
– Implementation of Supplier Relationship Management Our team together with client build supplier Relationship for strengthen relationship between the client and the Supplier for innovative strategies that optimize the sourcing needs of the organization. We help in create relation between the buyer and supplier as Strategic value partnership for long term relationship.
Low Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS)
Research statistics drives the result that 20 percent of the spending of companies for procurement are from low-cost countries. Therefore, selection on right low-cost country, right sourcing company, price, delivery etc is very important to achieve more value in the entire transaction.
Crescendo rightly helps to achieve more value by increasing the saving percentage. Our experts work on the challenges in low cost countries suppliers like:
– Lack of product Innovation of suppliers
– Selection of right qualifies supplier
– Low Quality
– Less defined delivery strategy of suppliers
We identify the challenges and opportunities in low cost countries and derive procurement strategy to improve the value Cain by focusing on;
– Supplier’s manufacturing standards and due diligence
– Logistics management
– Suppliers Physical Audit
– Legality and contracts
– Local support in language and culture
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