Ventures – Collaborations – Alliances

Ventures Collaborations

The important strategic decision of forming a Joint Venture includes business expansion, development of new products or moving into new markets, particularly overseas.

Your business may have strong potential for growth and you may have innovative ideas and products. However, a joint venture benefits any company with:

Greater Capacities& Capabilities in Manufacturing
Advance Technology
Cost Reduction
Increasing Product / Service Offerings
Ready Access to Established Markets and Distribution Channels
Increased Productivity
Advance & More Resources

Entering into a Joint Venture is a major decision for any company. Crescendo Worldwide is having a specialized dedicated team with vast experience from various industries & sectors and equipped to consult, assist and help companies in executing the Joint Venture. we are one of the leading ventures, collaborations, alliances company in India.

Since last 5 years, Crescendo Worldwide successfully supported more than 480 companies across the globe to identify, select and work with right business partners. We support companies for different types of Ventures like:

Co-operation Venture
Technology Venture
Production & Marketing Venture
Outsourcing Venture

Joint Venture Process

Venture Requirement Analysis
Formulating the Strategy
Communicating with the Prospective Venture Partners.
Exchanging Information
Arrange a Video Conference Meeting
Arrangement for Physical Meeting, Plant Visit
Round of Discussion on Technical, Commercial and Execution part
Draft MOU/ Basic Contract/ Agreement
The signing of Venture Agreements
Execution of Venture
Following Activity Chart &Completion Timeline of a defined task
Post Venture Meetings
Product Prototype Development
Required Certifications from various countries
Acquiring Initial Customers under Venture
Ongoing Support