Virtual Exhibitions


Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual Exhibition Platform is designed which had agile features to fulfill the needs of clients. We are not just the exhibition platform provider but also work on generating Leads, do matching making, organize B2B Meetings during Exhibition and also organize conference visually. Hence partnering with us for Virtual Events is beneficial as you get a complete solution on your Investment and you achieve your goal of achieving business out this Exhibition.
Our aim is to give our client a real time experience of Exhibition and at the same time should be cost effective.
Our Exhibition platform features customized designing tools to serve client across various market sector. The software and processes are so designed to hold millions of visitors at the same time.
We provide right consultation on the right fit of virtual events or combinations of events to be used for utmost generation of leads and subsequent business.
Virtual Exhibition Platform Features

User and Device Friendly
The Exhibition We platform is such designed that it can run on any devices like, Laptop, mobile, Tab etc
Customized Trade Fair Venue Location, background country
Our designers are equipped with specialized tools which select and design 3D location of background or country selection of your choice
Customized Designed Hall
You can select the hall design from our design gallery or you can also provide your idea for hall design. All the objects surrounding the hall can also be customized as per client’s requirement. The aim is to give the real time feel of the exhibition, location, country during the Exhibition
Booth Type
We will introduce your company to potential partners in your target markets, identify sales leads, and set up organize meetings, assist in terms and condition negotiation etc.
Booth will be equipped with many features to make it attractive like
Your Company Logo
Customised Booth Colour and Design
Company Sales Video running in the Booth
Available Company PDF Brochures and Catalogue as per the need
3D Product Display
Sector Specific 3D objects
All Exhibitors details
Our Exhibition platform is so designed that the visitors can literally entire your booth and view the products and objects displayed placed in the booth Visitors
Booth View for Visitors
Our Exhibition platform is so designed that the visitors can literally entire your booth and view the products and objects displayed placed in the booth Visitors
Speak Virtually
Visitors while visiting the booth can have a live chat with the exhibitor and can also request for Live Chat, Call Back, WhatsApp Call, Visit website, Skype Call, LinkedIn Request, Download V card, Send Email, Download Brochure etc
Booth Content Sharing
For Exhibitors there is no limit of sharing the content on the platform and visitors can easily click and download the content to any of their device used.
Exhibitors Dashboard, Reports and Analysis
Exhibitors will have easy access to the details of the visitors visiting the booth. We will be providing a real time complete dash board and also Exhibitor can download booth activity report which will unable you get;
– Number of visitors visited
– Type of engagement on booth
– Details of the visitors post the Exhibition
– Identify visitors’ trends and engagement patterns while visiting the booth, which virtual booth was the most popular and what piece of content generated the most engagement.
Data Security
We run our platform with inhouse servers and take huge care for data security
Live Video Streaming
VR Supported 360-degree View
Visitors can participate in the exhibition with VR goggles experiencing the highest live event simulation that visitors are attending.
VR Features
– 3D environment simulation
– Pre-designed simulation or live scenario broadcasting
Support Team
Our supreme expert support team will be at your discretion perduring and post the exhibition. We take care of everything: booth set-up, design, customizations, content uploads and more. We are known for are proactive response to any query and inquiry by the client.
Virtual Exhibition Business Features

Live Conferences
Content Series of Live Webinars with Live Video Streaming on various Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc
Exhibition Event Promotion
We just not provide platform but aim to generate business form the Investment done. We do strategic digital promotional activities, pre-during and post the event on various social media platform featuring to attract right audience for the event. We are one of its kind of company who work on more then 20 media platforms for promotion. All the digital promotional activities like Content writing, graphical designing, result tracking etc is done by the team.
Bringing Right Visitors on the Event
We are Specialized in bringing Visitors to Exhibitions who will provide you the business.
Buyers -Sellers Meet
Teaming and Partnering with Crescendo for the Virtual exhibition give added advantage of meeting buyers on the same platform. During the duration of Exhibition, we Pre-Scheduled B2B Meetings with right buyers. The meetings will be provided via Video Conference Calls & Custom Meeting Rooms
Why us

Our Virtual Exhibitions division employs a team of programming, modelling and 3D experts to create real time experience and meet the needs of every client. We work closely with our clients for making the exhibition experience good by designing right booth design, shape, size etc.
With proven processes and systems, we are successful in providing virtual solutions to hundreds of clients.