World Trade Investment

World Trade Invest

world Trade Invest is a Global Investment & Trade development organization,. working on behalf of Economic Development Organizations as our clients targeting with a focus on FDI &. Trade Worldwide.
We are trusted and connected by many worldwide companies, and aims to deliver in millions.
World Trade Invest is a Global Investment & Trade development organization. working on behalf of Economic Development Organizations as our clients targeting with a focus on India / Asia Market.
We focus on attracting, developing & implementing inward investment to our client . regions and helping private sector companies to expand into new markets. We are involved at ail stages in the investor road map and in all areas of international economic promotion.

We leverage our contacts and networks to provide an opportunity for measureable trade & investment activity to take place in your region. We work as an extension of your economic development team, delivering services with the care and attention you yourself would.
We understand Indian business and are intimately familiar with Indian & European corporate culture and how it can be different from one region to the next or one industry to another.
Sectors we vvork in: IT, ITC, Electronic & Electrical, Automotive, Oil & Gas„ Engineering. Infrastructure, and Renevvable Enera, aerospace, life sciences and green technologies.

Formed & Established 38 Indian companies in European Region.
1560 Export trade projects
$360m Export trade opportunities
38 International missions
$1.2bn Inward investment opportunities
324 Qualified FDI projects
Competitive Edge

Senior Executives with over 30 years of combined experience in Financer Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade
Global reach with representatives in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, LI K r LiSAr Oman,. Australia.
Multilingual consulting team
Time savings with rapid identification of FDI / Trade opportunities

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Our services are so designed systematically for WINNING THE INVESTMENT Our Services FDI Strategy Development

Indian Market Study Report

At Val we are proud of our depth of knowledge and experience in Indian market and its market dynamics.
WTI currently associated with more than 5000 Indian companies from various sectors.
Closely associated with Government of India and work hand in hand for many developmental projects for Central and State Government.
Before providing the market study report and feasibility of business, we learn the interest of our clients and sectors they are currently focusing into. We also learn the development of these sectors and forecasting of business in their region.
Report Structure :
• FDI & Trade Trends
• Detail sector study
• Investors' perceptions
• Government norms for FDI
FDI Strategy Development

Setting Objectives for EDOs After submitting the Market research study report, our experts sits with the client officials to pen down the specific objective of clients in terms of FDI & TPADE from India includiing the sectors to focus in.
Setting Schemes I plans for Target Investors' audience On the basis of sector chosen WTI Experts guide and assists the client for designing a special scheme / plant incentive schemes / privilege for attracting the Investors
Competitive Positioning
Region awareness and Attraction
Investors' Prospecting
Exhibition Support

A key ingredient of any international development strategy is attending international trade shows and events.
We work with goal orientated approach, This reflects with the process we work on during Exhibition. The company’s expertise encompasses all aspects of exhibition participation from planningr promotion strategies, Identifying Right Companies for Inward Investment and Trader Initiating dialogues r communicating, sharing information about clients arraigning time for meeting during Exhibition, Assisting the clients during meeting. giving on ground supports to clients and Nurturing the cI ients prospects meetings. We participate in Major International Exhibitions across Globe.
Investment Promotion

Increase the visibility of EDOs in India
Increase region awareness
Increase Exchange between Indian & other foreign countries, in terms of Education, Culture, Tourism, Social & Ministerial activities.
Promote FDI & Trade into the Region.
Generate prospective Investors' lobby.
International Delegation Visits

Organizing investors/business delegation visit with a PRE DEFINED OBJECTIVES is one of the strength of WTI. The visit is organizes once in a year which is planned with date and duration at the very beginning of Strategydesigning phase with client.
We are equipped With one-stop- organizing visits of business delegations from India to clients Locations. Due to many years of experience in organizing delegations, we have developed a deep knowledge we understand the specific requirement of business deregation
Lead Generation

Import & Export Solutions
International Distribution Network
joint Venture - Alliances - Collaborations